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Thank you for your interest in Elomental Wireless Solutions, below you will find the most frequently asked questions by our customers. If you have any additional questions you may contact us directly via our web form or initiate a chat with our support specialist.

Why is Elomental Wireless Solutions better than Satellite, dsl, cable, LTE hotspots or a local wireless ISP?

Elomental can compete with these internet companies in various ways, and we work very hard to compete on price, support, and reliability.

Where we beat the competition.

  • Support – Most internet companies outsource their support to people who simply read from a script. We don’t and will only have qualified professionals assisting you remotely and we do monitor the uptime and reliability of our equipment proactively.
  • Price – We may not always beat the promotional pricing of our competitors, but within the first few months, and certainly by the end of the year, we are cheaper than the competition in most cases. If you don’t believe us then please start a chat or call us at 989-331-0008, so we can discuss how we can help you save money!


  • Latency – This is one of the biggest issues with Satellite, and latency impacts many of the services people rely on and may make some services completely unusable. Gaming, VoIP (Voice-over-IP, aka Vonage, magicjack, etc.), Facetime, VPN services for work or privacy are all services that will not work well due to half second latency. Elomental typical latency is 20-40ms, well within a range for gaming, voip, VPN and other services many people use daily.
  • Caps – Satellite often has very low caps or only specific times of day in which you can use “unlimited” data. Elomental hardware is open to multiple cell carriers and you can pick the plan that best suites you, some are capped and others may not be depending on the plan you choose.
  • Throttles – Satellite throttles are very hard, when you hit your cap Satellite often slows you down below what is required for even streaming Netflix. Throttles on cell carriers are rarely this severe and apply more to local, and actual congestion, than them simply enforcing a contractual agreement.
  • Long-term Contracts– Satellite is expensive and require long term contracts of 1 to 3 years. Elomental offers no contract, or 1 year contract with NO cancellation fees, if you aren’t happy in the first 30 days then return the equipment, no questions asked.


  • Speed – While DSL maxes out at 6mbps, 4G LTE carriers can max out at 150mbps. You will often times see average speeds of 10-30mbps in real world use, it largely depends on the geographic area.
  • Latency – DSL in many parts of the country run along aging and unshielded copper lines, this often creates a lot of noise and issues for the people who use it. You can see unreliable speeds and slow downs that impact gaming, VoIP, VPN for work or privacy, facetime, and other services that depend on near real time communication.
  • No Bundling – The large telecoms often bundle phone service with their DSL and make it either difficult or near impossible to drop phone service for what is called a “dry loop”. Even though they are legally obligated to offer “dry loop” service in most areas they often times refuse and certainly do not market this cost saving measure to their customers. Don’t be fooled by cheap DSL offers that fail to mention the cost of the required monthly landline and activation.


  • Bundles – Cable operators love to bundle and to create promotional packages to pull people in, only to jack up their rates months or a year later. In contrast Elomental’s pricing gets cheaper after year as the equipment is no longer leased. After the first year your monthly subscription includes Full Replacement Warranty and Support.

Local Wireless ISP

Of all the internet options this one is the most difficult to reliably compare simply because there is a very large number of Wireless ISPs and they all have their unique pros and cons. Nonetheless we will try hard to help navigate them.

  • High Setup Costs – Depending on your location you are often times looking at a $250+ setup fee, just for the equipment alone. If you move or want to cancel beyond the first 30 days then your cost easily double.
  • Marketing gimmicks – Don’t fall for competitors that claim “No Contract” and then show you the contract monthly rates. Our pricing is simple and straight forward, and we even have a flexible promotional package to help lower the install price.
  • Eye Sores on or near your house – This is often an issue with many installs due to the technology and frequencies being used. Elomental is often times able to avoid this due to the much lower and higher penetrating frequencies of the larger carriers. Frequencies in the 700-900mhz range can penetrated trees, leaves, walls and various obstructions much better than frequencies in the 2-5ghz ranges that local wireless ISPs use.
  • Congestion During Peak Hours – This is probably the most frequent complaint customers have and this is for a wide variety of reasons, but we will go through them. Some of these even apply to LTE Carriers as well.
    • Wireless ISP did not purchase enough bandwidth – This shouldn’t happen, but as an ISP grows they sometimes don’t manage their resources well and neglect upgrading their backhaul due to cost and/or contractual reasons.
    • Hooking people up too far out – This is likely the most common issue small wireless ISP’s run into and is the least intuitive one as well. The issue here is that many operators don’t fully comprehend the negative impact a single customer can have on 20+ customers, in a given area, if they hook someone up too far out. Think of yourself in a crowded and noisy room, you can talk ok to people standing next to you, but not the people clear across the room and if you try you will be spending all of your time repeating yourself. Wireless technology works in a similar fashion, it will spend a large majority of its time talking to the radios/customers that are the hardest to reach. It’s easy to avoid, but only well trained staff and very experienced wireless ISP’s implement measures to avoid this scenario. (You have to literally say no to making money, at times, for the sake of the quality of your network and your customers.)
    • Internal Backhaul – ISP’s are built like a spiderweb with many towers branching off and being interconnected with each other. Sometimes as wireless ISP’s grow they don’t maintain or upgrade their network accordingly.
    • Networks are Difficult – Many wireless operators underestimate the difficulty in planning and rolling out a network and this often creates the most issues. It impacts their ability to grow, add new customers, and service existing customers with the same level of service they had on day 1. There are multiple methods and business strategies that allow for robust networks to be built, for both speed, and reliability, but without experienced network engineers on staff many local Wireless ISP’s are ill prepared to maintain and grow their networks.

Why do you not list your speeds?

We offer LTE Wireless Equipment and do surveys on the cell carriers on site. When we do the survey we will then be able to give an accurate range of what speeds you can expect on the major carriers. We do not sell internet plans or packages, but we do help you get started and make a decision that best suites your situation.

Will I need an external antenna?

If you can get cell reception inside your home then in most cases the answer is no. However, if you have a metal roof or poor reception inside your home then we may need to look at installing an external antenna on the outside of your home. There is rarely a need to use a pole, but we will we do a detailed survey to ensure that we find the most optimal location.